Hannah James

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m one of the nurses at EvoDental in Liverpool. I started dental nursing about four years ago.

Before that, I worked with racehorses for eight years. I decided on just a big career change. I got an apprenticeship, think I was twenty four at the time and ended up in EvoDental Liverpool. I like working for EvoDental because we’re one big happy family and every day is different and the progression is constantly changing. I was getting a bit bored in an NHS practice because it was the same, fillings, it just bored me. Whereas here, there’s so much going on.

It’s always changing, always advancing. And the job satisfaction that you get from the patient journey, as a dental nurse, we’re actually very, very involved in the patient journey from consultation to when they have their teeth fitted at the end of the day and to maintaining the teeth. And you build up that relationship with that patient. And that’s what I really, really like as well. So you get to know people.

Outside of work, I like to stay busy. Me and my fella of seven years, we’ve currently got a campervan which we’re converting, so that takes up a lot of time. If we have time to do anything else, it’s usually out on the motorbikes, mountain bikes or a bit of gardening, bit of good eating and that kind of thing, really.

It’s always changing, always advancing.

Hannah James