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More than 30 years ago, Dr Padmanabhhan Vijayanarayanan (Dr Vijay Sr), a bright, ambitious young radiologist working in Brunei, decided he had to help his wife who had struggled for years with poor oral health. Back then,it was either ill-fitting dentures or multiple trips around the globe seeking pioneering new procedures at a cost of $80,000. He chose the latter, which would ultimately take two years and numerous trips overseas to deliver ad solution…It worked.

A previously unhappy wife and mother’s life was transformed. Little did he know at the time that, 20 years later, his eldest son, Dr Rajesh Vijayanarayanan (Dr Vijay), would start a clinic in Liverpool dedicated exclusively to dental implants – evolving ultimately to limit practice to full-arch rehabilitation in 2014– before going on to open a second clinic in London Heathrow in 2015, and third clinic in Solihull in 2021.

Our EVO Story

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  1. Vijayanarayanan Family
  2. 1986
  3. Vijayanarayanan Family
  4. 2007
  5. EvoDental open their Liverpool clinic to focus solely on dental implant therapy
  6. 2012
  7. EvoDental becomes vertically integrated, bringing a lab and marketing team in-house
  8. 2013
  9. An extra-oral scanner, design software and a milling machine are introduced to develop EvoDental's first digital workflow
  10. 2014
  11. EvoDental decides to focus exclusivly on full arch dental implant rehabilitation
  12. 2015
  13. EvoDental's second clinic in London opens
  14. 2020
  15. New and improved digital workflow introduced during COVID lockdown
  16. 2021
  17. EvoDental opens third clinic in Solihull, launch the EvoInstitute and EvoPartner programme

Our Technology and Expertise

Technology forms the foundation of everything we do at EvoDental. By collaborating closely with our suppliers and sharing thevast amounts of data we have collected in the field of full arch dental implant rehabilitation with them, we not only have access tocutting edge technology, but we also help to shape it.

At EvoDental, we conduct frequent multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDT’s) so that we can have rich discussions about ourpatients’ treatment and outcome. Our technical and clinical teams come together to discuss each case before reaching a consensus on the best way to approach it; ensuring the right result for the patient.

A few words from our MD

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Leadership Team

KP Doyle KP Doyle

KP Doyle

KP has a wealth of experience in multi-site healthcare services, including running groups of dental practices, private hospitals, physiotherapy and rehab centres, also gym chains. As chair of EvoDental, KP is responsible for guiding the executive team on corporate governance, key decision making on the group’s strategic direction, and investments focused on excellent patient-centric care. …


Jonathan Steele Jonathan Steele

Jonathan Steele

Jonathan is a Charted Accountant with ICAS and started his professional career at Ernst & Young in Manchester. Following 4 years in Assurance, Jonathan joined Grant Thorntons’ Corporate Finance team in Manchester and worked on Mid Market deals including Private Equity. Jonathan then moved to CMS/CMSPI as Finance Director and lead the business from c3m …